Conference Session: Podcasting For Profits - How to Create a Podcast That Benefits Your BrandPresented By Brandy Butler

Brandy Butler will be presenting Podcasting For Profits - How to Create a Podcast That Benefits Your Brand at the 2015 Blogging While Brown Conference.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this session:

  • How do I gain global visibility with my podcast?
  • How do I make money from my podcast show?

Session Description:
You've heard that you should podcast, but do you know how to launch a podcast that gets you seen & paid?  In this session, Podcast Maven & Message Syndicator, Brandy Butler teaches you have to launch your podcast in a way that makes a big splash while also creating revenue for your brand.

About Brandy Butler:
Brandy Butler, The Message Syndicator is a woman on a mission to increase the spread of positive messages around the world.  The African American community is plagued with negative subculture, Brandy believes that if more leaders and healers created podcast shows, those audio messages would help to combat the impact of the bad messages.  Brandy's personal mission is to change #WhatTheWorldHears and #PaintITUNES

Brandy Butler is the CEO of Brandy Butler Media, LLC.  A new media company which specializes in elevating and syndicating the messages of speakers, authors, and coaches.  As a champion for women's empowerment and purposeful living, Brandy also has a coaching and mastermind program on her Girl Just Quit career blog.

A wife and mother of 3, when Brandy isn't busy making plans for world domination, she enjoys cooking for her lovely family.

Why Brandy thinks you need to hear it live:
The goal of this session is to ensure that future podcasters don't wind up being trapped in hobby podcaster syndrome.

I would not simply be telling people to start a podcast, I would be giving them strategy to gain optimum visibility for their podcast and teaching them strategies to actually make money from their podcast, which is a sticking point that many podcasters fail at.

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