Conference Session: Blog Lockdown - Technology Tips To Keep Your Blog SecurePresented By Terrance Gaines

Terrance Gaines will be presenting Blog Lockdown - Technology Tips To Keep Your Blog Secure at the 2015 Blogging While Brown Conference.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this session:

  • How to prevent hackers from accessing your site.
  • What steps to take if/when your site is attacked and/or infected.

Session Description:
What would happen if your blog/website disappeared right now due to getting hacked or being infected with malware? This session will focus on blog security and is idea for new bloggers who want to start on right foot, as well as well-established brands who can't afford for their site to be out of commission.

We will go over basic blog/website security concepts as well as go over tips, tricks, and specific tools to help bloggers keep their site safe and secure. Additionally, we will go over methods to get their sites back up and running in the event of an attack.

About Terrance Gaines:
If you look up “Family IT Guy who is always the go-to tech pro when anybody they love, sort of knows, or randomly runs into on the street, has a question about gadgets and gizmos” in the dictionary, Terrance Gaines' face would appear.

Born and raised in Indianapolis but now living in Atlanta, his passion for technology has evolved from thing he helped family and friends with, to a blog in order to share his love of all things techie with other geeks, to a brand that empowers people and businesses use technology to do great things.

From individuals looking for the best technology devices to suit their personal needs, to businesses who need a knowledgeable advisor to consult them with technology tools and services to strive, Terrance's passion is working with people and businesses who know they need technology, but don't know where to start and who to trust.

Why  Terrance thinks you need to hear it live:
As a tech-savvy brand who had security measures in place, mysite was still attacked and infected with malware.

I know there are bloggers out there who have their entire well-being wrapped up in their site's page views, but still don't have the most basic security measures in place to keep their site from being attacked.

It doesn't take much, but there are some simple preventative measures all blogger can take to save them from trying to get their site back in the event of an attack.

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