Conference Session: How SEO Has Grown and How You Must Grow With It - Presented By Claudio Cabrera

Claudio Cabrera will be presenting How SEO Has Grown and How Your Must Grow With It.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this session:

  • A step by step process on how to create a story in WordPress with all the proper SEO basics.
  • How to apply to Google News.
  • he impact of social media sharing on your stories and how they appear in Google.
  • How creating link for link or traffic sharing partnerships can help your brand's reach and standing with search engines.
  • How the quality, length and meatiness of your content will always defeat a skin and bones story.
  • How important speed is in the content aggregation process
  • How writing for social is now the same as writing for the search engines

Session Description:
When digital journalists and editors think of SEO they either become immediately intimidated or assume it has to do with coding and a bunch of technical stuff that they don't really know about.

The days of keyword stuffing and manipulating headlines - while not over - do not hold the same importance they once did.

In this session, We will y go over SEO basics but also how to be more creative, create more quality content and focus other skills like marketing and PR to help grow your website.

About Claudio Cabrera
Claudio E. Cabrera is an award-winning digital marketer and journalist born and raised in the Inwood section of New York City. A graduate of Brooklyn College, Cabrera has spent the last seven years working with some of the biggest brands in the African American and Mainstream media space. He has grown and partnered with the likes of, The Huffington Post, the St. Louis Rams, Radar Online, NBC's The Grio, Newser, Interactive One,, and many more. In 2013, Cabrera was named one of the top Audience Development Managers in the country by Folio Magazine, joining Audience Development Managers at companies such as Time Inc., and The Economist.

Cabrera is currently the Audience Development Manager for CBS Local, overseeing the traffic acquisition and growth of 29 properties across the U.S.